UPO by #thegoodhabit To Debut at #IndonesiaComicCon (Nov 14-15)

The Good Habit will be debuting a new toy collectible at the coming weekend Indonesia Comic Con (Nov 14-15) - Introducing "UPO"!

A play on the word "U.F.O." (ie "Unidentified Flying Object"), UPO began "life" as a graphic drawingm, and is now manifested into a resin figure designed by #thegoodhabit! Check out some WIPs below of the sculpt and even box design, and I will update with further product details when I have them! (I hope UPO comes with his raygun too tho … heehee)

Look for UPO @ booth AA.48 in Artist Alley - and tell him TOYSREVIL sent you! LOL

1 meter height "drop-test" approved!
"(The) first time i met Upo, it was a beautiful day at the rice field. ( i think he making crop circle )"hey who are u!". he said," i'm UPO" . since that moment UPO become my friend, we play alot, i told him about earth. UPO said " i love earth, but now earth different" Upo told me that his ancestor, the ancient UPO came to earth before earth like this. you know what i'm sayin' . people cut and burn trees to open land for their business without thinking about their next generation. like happens here in my country Indonesia. then something bad happened when UPO spent time too long on earth, he lost his color. it means he lost his power to back to his planet. thanks to all my friend who helped UPO before. (you can check at hashtag #helpUPO <--- ) . now UPO can back to his planet to tell the story to all his friend about the kindness of people on earth. he said "thank you so much to all people on earth, some good people keeping this planet clean and my colors back", UPO will come to this planet again with his squad to spread the message. see u at Indonesia comiccon . and see UPO for the first time on public. 14 - 15 november 2015 at Jakarta convention center. #helpUPO" (IG @thegoodhabit)