Animated Teaser for JUNCTION (based on Nathan Jurevicius' book)

Today we are happy to feature an animated film teaser based on Nathan Jurevicius' book JUNCTION (published by Koyama Press), with this splendid piece produced in conjunction with OKTA studio (3D Production), Petpunk (Visual development), Gallus Entertainment (Animation), Brent Maloney, Vishus Productions (Sound) and the Lithuanian Film Centre … and mind you, this apparently is still a "work in progress"?! Looks gorgeous! :)

JUNCTION: "For generations the Face Changers have made the clay tokens that change the winds and faces of their kin. This month the youngest is tasked to take the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the mountain and engulf the town in the winds of change.

Inspired by the parental tall tale of warning “if the wind changes your face will stick like that,” as well as Judeo-Christian mythology and the mythology of Australian aboriginal tribes, Junction combines a variety of influences to produce a magical piece of modern mythmaking."


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