"Power Anger Troops is the character design of the development of the previous figure of power anger. The character design is inspired from classic kingdom films or fictional in which to have the troops or warrior to fight. I imagine making many series as in the kingdom such a king, warrior, armed vehicles, vehicles and many more animals. For this time , I designed the series characters are tangible beings helmeted troops and fire .

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*Power Anger is character design made by Rizky Zakaria / Iky representation from the anger that symbolized by fire, and then I modified fire image into pattern, and applied it into any other kind of artworks. "
Shared Rizky Zakaria (Iky) - whose custom piece is featured directly below ... In this ANGERVILSION-feature post we will also see customs from Addy Debil, Dannus Darmawan, Riandi Sumadinata, Zaki Hamdani, Rudi Kuclux, and Rifky M Isa!

WHO-IS: Addy Debil is an artist/illustrator based in Indonesia. He loves to doodle, wheat paste, mural, art toy and anything in urban art. (Instagram @addydebil /

WHO-IS: Dannus Darmawan is an artist/illustrator based in Indonesia. Most of his recent artworks portray a "wanderer" in which the meaning of alchemy elements are described, such as water and fire that tells about good and evil which contemplates on yin yang of the reality in this world. (Instagram @dannvsdarmawan)

WHO-IS: Riandi Sumadinata graduated from Product Design at National Institute of Technology, Bandung in 2014. He like Urban Toys and Online Games very much. For now, He work as freelance modeller and developing a character, Edmoon Holeworld. He dreamed to be a Urban Toys Designer and until now He still trying to make it happen. (Instyagram @sumadinata)
Romantic Engine Toys Story: "Although it's hotheaded or cold blooded. Every creature has its own way to translate the meaning of 'romantic'. Because all beings basically is a trooper who has their own romantic engine. Which ended up being a choice between used it honesty or lied till the engine covered in dust."

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WHO-IS: Rudi Kurnia a.k.a Kuclux works as a visual artist, most of works using the video medium. Also works as a Visual Jockey (VJ), Video Mapping, and Motion Graphic. Collaborate with band (musicians) and Artists. Member of new media art group Wayang Cyber and member of UVISUAL is a visual label initiated by group of artists whose work is focused on the use of projected lights. ( / )
"Anger Vision: Power Anger and Mr. Evilsion are two antagonistic characters, and little by little hypnotic and provide stirring up anger. With hypnosis combined with anger then make enemies just spend time thinking about these outrages are visualized with clockwork on mr.evilsion body and tapered body power symbol in accordance with the character of his anger.

Anger always hypnotize us to do something that is sometimes beyond our will. Knowingly or not arising out of what we see and we feel until we encroached time lulled even think of anger and emotion. But in the end back to the beginning, how do we face the anger hypnosis could be something wonderful or devastating. Because what we see is not always what they seem."

WHO-IS: Zaki Hamdani is an illustrator based in Indonesia. Daily progress in a small space at home. Freelance of commission work. most of his work is the horror of animals and skulls. Love cats, lions, panthers, hyenas, tigers, wolves, fox and shirts. Most liked to animal-themed artwork on shirts. like the roarbeast he have. (Instagram @zakihamdani /
"This toys inspired by popular movies starwars. Also the artist really liked the character stromtropper and attached to this custom toys. But made different from the sense of artist."

WHO-IS: Rifky M Isa is an artist/illustrator based in Indonesia who created character Mr. Evilsion. Mr. Evilsion is always become the main character in all his work. He make artwork like drawing, painting, doodle, mural, instalation and art toy. He really love urban art and now just beginning to seriously pursue in the urban art scene. His dream to be a great artist and designer character and toys. Rifky also is a member of new media art group Wayang Cyber and he works as a freelance teacher, designer toy, and make commission works. (Instagram @rifkymisa /

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About Iron Anger Mark Evilsion: "This custom toy is a mixed from my character Mr. Evilsion and lil inspired from Iron Man form from the color ways in the Power Anger Troops toy. Thereís a lot damaged in the whole body of the toy shows that this character is a troops that have depleted war. So this custom toy version is kind a special troops which is a combination of fire and evil TV robot who will hypnotized every enemy. The titled name is just a parody from Iron Man names."