My Panda-Kun Christmas Present (#ShirokumaCafe)

Yesterday I shared with you what my brother brought me for Christmas, while today I share with you a look at what my Sis Cindy got for me: PANDA-KUN!

Opening Panda-Kun - my Christmas present from my sis @blisstar ! :) #playingwith #toylife

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WHO-IS: "A lazy, somewhat dimwitted, and kind-hearted giant panda who works part-time at a petting zoo. He enjoys lazing around and eating bamboo and only orders iced coffee at the café until Polar Bear adds bamboo to the menu only for his sake. He is obsessed with all panda products and has a tendency to point out his popularity at the zoo and his own cuteness." (Wiki)
Panda-kun is part of a group of animals mingling with humans at a café run by a polar bear. "Shirokuma Cafe" (Japanese: しろくまカフェ Hepburn: Shirokuma Kafe?, lit. Polar Bear's Café) is a Japanese manga series by Aloha Higa (ヒガ アロハ Higa Aroha?).

Panda-Kun Xmas prezzie from my sis Cindy @blisstar thaaaaaanks! #toylife

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Panda-Kun Xmas prezzie from my sis Cindy! Thanks! #toylife

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I like the Urban Dictionary definition: "Panda-kun is another word for an amazing person. If somebody is cute, loveable, the object of your affection, ect, Panda-kun is perfect. Panda being a cute, loveable animal, and kun being a suffix put on the end of names when someone is the object of your affection."