The Cute Awakens: A New Nimbus Coming from Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan

A video posted by Kurobokan (@kurobokan) on

Promo Video Teaser for the new "Nimbus" vinyl figure by Paulus Hyu dropping December 15th, 2015, which Paulus also mentions "…is the day Nimbus the Frenchie celebrate his 5th Birthday" (FYI: "Frenchie" is the name of Paulus french bulldog with which Nimbus is based on aaawww).

More information soon. Stay tuned to producers @‪kurobokan‬ on Instagram for updates … just in case I miss the info drop, of course :p

We last saw this bright-eyed version as prototype, and had thought it was just that; "a prototype" (pic reposted below) manufactured by Unbox Industries … but now sleeping / Daydream Nimbus has awakened! Are you ready to embrace him in your toylife? :)


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