#throwbacktoythursday: The Joy & Surprising Of Re-Discovering Old Toys You Did Not Manage To Sell Off Before

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Can't believe I had tried to sell off this vinyl (FYI: The character in green urban cam, BTW :p) a few years back! Luckily no one took a fancy to it, although it was quite a surprise to have dug it up (in my recent personal re-packing project), as I'd actually forgotten it still existed!

Let me explain: A whole chunk of my toy collections from years back had been stored away, in anticipation of my return from hospital recovering from Stroke, back in end-2010, as there was a need for space to maneuver my wheelchair back then.

Fast forward over 5 years later, I am re-digging up old toys, to re-organize them, with some being pulled out for sales. "Blogging" isn't earning my money, so now I've got to sell my own personal hoard to make ends meet .. Got it? Good. Moving on…

That's the problem with "selling toys", you'd never know how you feel about it at altar time, at least that's the story for me and my sentimentality LOL

There are of course different "categories" of toys I own; most are bought to "collect-n-keep", while there might be a few procured to re-sell … although truthfully, they might mean differently in different times, and with most of the toys in storage lasting over a decade, there'd be time for "feelings" to change!

Through my collecting past, I'd sold items that had left me with scarred regrets for selling them off (Like THESE), although there are also toys that, when you look at them now, and wonder what the heck you were thinking when you first bought them decades back hahahahaha


P/S: The figure in question was produced and released by Hot Toys (unconfirmed) around 2001. Designed by unknown artist(s), I had actually purchased this figure "loose" at a local flea market years later, sans packaging. I still do not know the actual full name of this figure!!!


Now THESE I'll be selling off! The trick is to get them organized and listed first ... might do a walk-in "tupperware party"-styled local shindig first, with whatever's unspoken for afters to be listed online ... maybe ... TOYSREVIL Mailing List folks get "first dibs", of course :)