Toysrevil Reviews "Sand K.troop at Coin Rides Game #1" from Fools Paradise

Before we begin a TOYSREVIL-Review of Fools Paradise "Sand K.troop at Coin Rides Game #1" (THANKS to the generosity of the folks at Fools Paradise!), here is a little product stat to get you folks acquainted with the collectible first;

- Stands approx 31cm Height.
- Collectible made of pre-painted Vinyl, PVC, and ABS.
- Quantity was "Made To Order" - i.e. determined by pre-orders
- Pre-order period was between August 18th to September 18th, 2015.
- Item shipped late-November 2015.
- Retail Price during pre-order was US$289 (Item @ US$269 + US$20US Global EMS Shipping)

Designed by Alan Ng of Double Line for Fools Paradise, this particular collectible has the distinction of being a VINYL figure, versus earlier releases in RESIN.

Here's a look-thru review by yours truly, featuring montaged images (where you can view individual pics HERE on Facebook too!).

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

The PACKAGING is simply luxe and well worth the price tag (as it is to be expected for high-end priced collectibles these days) - featuring an outer printed sleeve in brown, opening to show the main box with glossy on matt printed text, full color image, and a sweet yellow accent that gives the entire packaging a delightful breeze of whimsy, methinks! The slight folding at one bottom corner of the outer box was the slight blemish that would have made this piece perfect tho…

What is not shown in pictures here, was that this entire box packaging was covered in all it's edge corners with compact foam, which was shipped in it's own carton box, so that's a very considerate "plus", especially for individual orders very effectively priced for "Global Shipping"!

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

DE-BOXING the items was a breeze. Opening the top lid, you will be greeted with two main pieces: The DEWBACK and KEIKO in SAND TROOPER guise, both individually wrapped in their own plastic sheets, house in foam cut niches.

We'll get to see them a little close slightly later, after we go thru the second layer of items housed in the box below this top level!

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Housed in the next level below the top foam holding the figures, are the BASE and Coin Op accessory, along with two ABS clasps which are needed to secure the Dewback unto the base. The next step of assembly is the only more necessary to pay attention to completing the assembly of the piece …

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There are 2 x clasps included, which fits the slots of the peg at base of the "stands" on the Dewback, and they are NOT supposed to be attached outright to said stands, but are instead used at the BOTTOM of the base, where the stand pegs insert into the main base where the figure will stand on.

The 2 clasps are then inserted, their function being to anchor the Dewback's stands securely unto the main base, without the entire figure uncoupling while you sway it left or right for display.

Unfortunately this assembly guide was not included this entire package, and was made known via an online image/guide prior to the figures reaching collectors.

Truthfully, I first chose not to refer to the guide online and try assembling the figure and made the exact mistake I mentioned above! But I managed to pry the clasps out from the stand-pegs (for utter fear of breaking the ABS pieces too for pete's sake!), and figured out how to best use them subsequently. Perhaps I am simply not too toy-smart anyways LOL

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

What I love about this figure, was the functionality and simple engineering which made this figure being able to "sway" as if it was a literal kids' coin ride -which utilizes ball-joint-sockets at the base of the Dewback figure! Kudos, Fools Paradise!

Scroll down for more image examples of what I meant by the "swaying" ability of the figure :)

And mainly because I absolutely excited because I LOVE Star Wars' Dewbacks, and this also happens to be my FIRST Dewback in my humble collection! *WOOT*

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And while the Dewback paint app was flawless, Keiko herself proved to a challenge towards perfection, as the lines were not as crisp and clean, alas. Sure, seen from afar the figure looks amazing, but up close, Keiko herself is a slight let down, but only because I am being extremely finicky here, based on the price point.

But I know I might be slightly unfair here, as the Keiko figure is entirely made of (painted) vinyl.

Sculpt-wise, she maintains her iconic sexiness in both posture / posing while being seated, with a cheeky-anatomical sculpt which I appreciate (for the sake of "detail", fhanks), is how her bosoms are squished against each other as her arms holds the console sticks. Nice job, this :)

The figure comes with articulated head (turns at neck), and articulated paw-boots (turn at ankles). Keiko holds two "console sticks" which are used to plug into the front saddle on the Dewback, while an additional two pegs on her buttocks are meant to be inserted into the holes at the back of the saddle, which frankly was not as 100% effective as it is supposed to be, at least for my figure.

The pegs do not sit tight, and are prone to dislodging every time as I attempted to pose the finish assembled figure while I took pictures (presented below in this post), which irked me somewhat - simply because why the need to blemish such a fine bum ("toy-bum", I understand :p) with pegs if they are not necessarily effective and can be un-needed - or so my cheeky mind thought LOL

Nevertheless, the design of the accessories on Keiko is fun - non-removable though - with the uniform / armor featuring a restraint slight wash evoking "sandy dirt", without over doing the weathering. If I am being overtly picky, this does not connect between the Keiko and the Dewback as immediately, but it is not necessarily an important concern, IMHO.

The final assembled figure is an absolute delight, truly! The ability to pose the figure swaying it left or right is the major FUN factor, which helps push this collectible beyond just a high-end priced piece displayed in a display cabinet, untouched and unloved hahahaha

Compared to other releases from Fools Paradise, "Sand K.troop at Coin Rides Game #1" might trail slightly behind in the visual aesthetics of the "Art Toy" game they have played, but that should not undermine it's collectible value, IMHO. Instead, this is an obvious start of a new line of fun toys, with MORE Coin Ride Games to come down the line (Check out the reveals seen at Thailand Toy Expo!). I would recommend this figure for folks who can afford having "fun" infused in their collectibles, rather than just aesthetically value - to which I have to clarify, this figure has in spades too hahaha

Folks interested are to check in with your fav retailers if they are any stock, as pre-orders have since closed on Fools Paradise blog-listing. Enquire direct on their Facebook Artist page, and Good Luck on Your Toy Hunt! It will be worth it, IMHO :)