Creology by Creo Design

Chris Alexander shares with TOYSREVIL a new concept "Creology", which he mentioned is a "creative tool that can help you personally and creatively develop." - with providing a series of selected shapes known as "Elements", to help create a new form or imagery.
"The generation and use of a unique and personal platform allows the user/s to; Curate, Reflect, Evaluate and Originate new and existing creative outputs via multiple means of interaction. The Elements in this sense is also a tangible representation of individuals or groups Creative Identity. This holistic and creative method/tool may assist in the creation of a more cohesive creative approach, through the curation of ideas, which may inspire new creativity, foster existing relations whilst also forging new creative collaborations." (Read the entire Press Release Here On Facebook)
PRESS: "Elements come in 2’’, 3’’,4’’, 5’’ and 6’’ sizes and prices range from £5 - £30. Each 3D printed to order in amazing quality and shipping is a one off fee per order of £4 for the UK and £8 International. So no matter how much you place in your order that is all you pay!"
Shown here are examples of use by artists Evan Morgan (above) and Lisa Rae Hansen of I Break Toys (featured below).

To find out more and place your order please visit: / Facebook creodesign / Instagram @creodesign / Twitter @creodesign,

(Art by Lisa Rae Hansen of I Break Toys)


Round 'Em Up said…
That's interesting. I like the one where the tree is "Camping out".