New York based artist and toymaker Peter Kato's BEDTIME BUNNIES is to get the (Soft) VINYL treatment next, as produced by Clutter Magazine! And while no further product information is announced as yet, here's a look at the box design (by Miranda O'Brien of Clutter) that has been unveiled:

Clutter has been getting prolific in producing toys recently, with their DISSECTED with Luke Chueh being another piece under their belt ... while Bedtime Bunnies were previously released as indie RESIN figures by Peter himself (in 3-inches and a newly upsized 4-inches version), and including a Sold Out TOYSREVIL Edition "Ten Star-Bunnies" celebration this blog's 10th Anniversary!

I've had the honor to own one Bunnie, and it is ADORBZ!

Looking forward to more info about this piece, and I am excited to find out exactly how BIG this new vinyl piece is!

Collab teased subtlety earlier in the year by Peter:


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