Previews for Monsters & Misfits IV #MMIV - Happening April 2016 in Tokyo

The 4th Edition of the annual Monsters & Misfits Show happens in April 2016, in Tokyo, with an expanded selection of invited artists from the Circus Posterus family, including Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Andrew Bell, Carisa Swenson, Leslie Levings AKA beastlies, and Shing Yin Khor - most of whom's WIPs are previewed here (Each pic is linked back to their respective Instagrams).

Organized by Tomenosuke, "Monsters & Misfits IV" launches April 1st and exhibits thru April 7th @ Shibuya Hikarie (8th floor) in Tokyo.

Stay tuned for further event updates and details, meanwhile, scroll down and enjoy the view!

Progress on this guy is slow. And he's one of a pair. #MMIV #monstersandmisfits

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Monsters & Misfits IV work in progress from @amandalouisespayd #mmiv #monstersandmisfits

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the catch of the day is unhappy about being the catch of the day. #monstersandmisfits #MMIV

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Getting ready for Monsters & Misfits IV in Tokyo this April! #kathieolivas #BrandtPeters #circusposterus

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(Images via IG hashtag #mmiv)