1/12 WWRp Damn Large Martin Snow Panda by 3A Toys x Good Smile Co. on pre-order now

Available to pre-order now goodsmileshop.com is ThreeA Toys' 1/12th scale WWRp DAMN LARGE MARTIN SNOW PANDA. Standing approx. 230mm tall, and priced at ¥10,584 (US$93), this is the 4th release from "The Shitty 9" series, exclusive to Japan. Scheduled for a March release.
"Once member of IRON PANDA SNOW DIVISION which was the front line against the newly unified CCCP push into Alaska for natural resources during the CWE. The CCCP used a tactical nuclear strike to clear the resistance in Tin city Alaska where the Snow Division Iron Panda was entrenched. This DLM is the only known survivor of the Alaskan ground conflict dubbed the Small Apocalypse. Now called Tin Martin, a heavy member of the Shitty Nine!"

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