Dragon Boy Tales by Martin Hsu - A Daily Sketch Project

"Dragon Boy Tales, (is) a daily sketch project to explore the origins of Dragon Boy, but mostly about discovering my own demons. Each sketch is inspired by a card from Oblique Strategies created by Brian Eno and his mentor, Peter Schmidt." - shared Martin Hsu (www.martinhsudesign.com)

(Above: the very first sketch from 1/1/16)
"Every morning before my first sip of coffee, I draw one card from the deck, and begin the creative process of applying the "strategy" to Dragon Boy and myself. The inspiration for Dragon Boy has always been my personal journey as an immigrant living and working in the US for 20 + years. Though after a brief phone call with Gene Yang, I realized Dragon Boy has been living in a vacant world. One can't just laugh his way through life, can he?

Interestingly, by making this commitment in these past 2 months, I've come closer to Dragon Boy's real purpose than when he was first created a decade ago. Coincidentally, I've also come across my own insecurity, sadness, ego, and bliss."
- added Martin Hsu.
"My goal is to keep up this practice for 365 days. I also plan to consolidate these daily reflections and publish them as books due out this SD Comic Con.

I post Dragon Boy Tales daily on @martinhsudesign on Instragram for those interested in following."
- shared Martin Hsu (www.martinhsudesign.com)