INSTINCTOY February Lottery Draw Begins

INSTINCTOY is currently holding "Lottery Draws" for a trio of their products: CURIO, MINI MUCKEY, and BYRON LIQUID. Deadline is on Feb 21st, 2016 (Sunday) 23:59hrs, with the lottery draw results will be published on the 22nd Feb 2016 (Monday), winners will receive a winning notification before 19:00 evening . Shipping will start from 23rd Feb (Tuesday).

You need to email to "" with the following details: Name / Address/ Country / Phone number / Products / PayPal Account. Read further details here (English translated blogpost). Meanwhile, scroll down for a summary of the pieces on lottery!

The Chocolate Edition CURIO is limited to 100pcs, with 20 sold at WonderFest (Winter), with the remaining 80pcs made available via this current global customer lottery draw. Price per 22cm tall figure is 13,440JPY apiece (US$118 / SG$165). Too lovely to deny! Except of course being a poorassbloggerbum like myself … *wipestear*

MINI MUCKEY stands 13cm tall, and features 2 x changeable tooth, and is limited to 150pcs. 30 was on sale at Wonder Fest (Winter), while 120 will be sold via global customer lottery draw. Price is 6,500JPY apiece (US$57 / SG$80). I've long wanted this figure since seeing it online and blogging about it! *blowsnosewithtissue*

BYRON LIQUID is priced at 4,320JPY apiece (US$38 /SG$53) and will come blind-packed, with either pulling the fully-eroded or half-clear-eroded Byron collabo with Japanese artist Shoko Nakazawa (BLOGGED) … aaahhh yes, this will always remain a sore memory for me … when up till my turn in the short queue at their booth at STGCC last year did they say the stock had "run out", and i left empty handed, dejected, saddened … don't think I've gotten over it yet too, silly me … *knocksheadonwallwithtears*

Good Luck with your Lottery-wishes, folks! And please considering purchasing some goodies from me, so I could have at least a fighting chance to pay for the awesomeness! THANKS!