No.1 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenToys2015: ALL #10x10 Editions

Reaching 10 years of bloggery on this blog, is a milestone in my personal life as well, and as well marked "bloggery" as the longest running "job" I had even had in my adult life so far!

And besides whatever accomplishments I had felt I have had in this decade, I too had wanted to share with folks and readers, a selection of limited edition collectibles and toys, from my fav toy-makers too! And I am grateful for the artists who have chosen to be involved and even more humbled for the graciousness of some who had gifted me with said editions!

My sincere "Thank You"s to Peter Kato, Daniel Yu, Richard Page of UME Toys, Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins, Javier Jimenez. And as well profuse THANK YOUS to both Hauke Scheer and Bob Conge for donating their figures for auction to benefit the TOYSREVIL-blog!

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[ VADER-Z by CATMASKTOY @ / Instagram @catmask_meaw / ]

[ TEQMON by QUICCS @ / Instagram @quiccs / ]

With the excitement for #StarWars #TheForceAwakens looming beyond the galactic horizon of next week - the film premieres Dec 17, the day after my annual eye checkup btw, and I hope to watch the movie without an eye-patch on ... I also feel the lack of SW toys in my humble collection, having loosely purchased figurines throughout the years but never truly focused on specific characters besides Stormtroopers ... My plan was/is to feature a SW toy each day until the premiere, but alas I do not think I have that many figures worth a feature ... Toy credits left-to-right: "Brienne" bought from @quiccs / 6-Armed SPIDAHOPPER by @topztoy (a TOYSREVIL 10x10 Exclusive & a gift - thanks buddy!!!), and two loose figures bought in Bandung circa 2009. #toylife #henglife

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[ RED SPIDAHOPPER by Topz Greenfull ToyDsign @ / Instagram @topztoy / ]

[ BOY KARMA by Mark Nagata @ / Instagram @maxtoyco / Twitter @maxtoyco ]

[ VADER GRENADE by Han Yew Hock @ / Instagram @yewhock / ]

Shown above are the exceptional pieces in RED; 6-Armed SPIDAHOPPER from TopToyz (Thailand), Vader Z from Catmasktoy (Thailand), Boy Karma from Mark Nagata (USA), TEQMON by QUICCS (The Philippines), and as well a FIRST LOOK at the 10th 10x10 Edition (from Han Yew Hock) to be released soon in February!

ALL of you guys are #1 in my Top Ten Toys of 2015!

… all of whom now reside in my specific shelf meant to showcase ALL my limited edition toys thru the years … nay, thru the decade of bloggery! I Like the idea of "bleeding toys" maybe hahahaha … Regardless of my own twisted toy-mind, these mean more to me than anyone else might suspect, nor care for, of course LOL

I am also uber grateful to the folks who have purchased these editions thru the years = YOU ALL ROCK TOO! :)

Celebrations for the 10th year anniversary will end by mid-February 2016, and you guys will be remembered in my 10 x 10 memories for cyber-eternity!

Cheers and have a spectacular year of toys ahead!