TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.20 to No.11 No.10 to No.2 of TOYSREVIL's #TopTenToys2015 #toylife

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Before I unveil the No.1 spot for TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015, here's a look at No.20 to No.11, because, really, I can't just have ten toys listed for 2015, could I?

And just so you know, the figures listed are collectibles I have since personally owned (purchase and/or gifted with), and/or opened/de-boxed in the year of 2015, and is not meant to be reflective of the state of art toy culture currently in existence.

With that particular tasty disclaimer out of the way - Let the countdown begin!

#20 - 3" JOUWE from Marine Ramhani x My Tummy Toys (#playingwith) is a figure I am going to absolutely "cheat" by listing here, as technically it has not yet been "officially" released … but I am appreciating the spirit of pushing forward with toy-evolution, especially when Jouwe started life as a resin figure - the core of my Tummy Toys productions - then turned a large sized vinyl, the form of whom is retained in this current downsized piece.

Looking forward to be seeing what happens next!

#19 - MIYA-SAN by Martin Hsu x Bigshot Toyworks (Toy Reviewed / #onTOYSREVIL) is the embodiment of both my love for Studio Ghibli animation, and as well a fantastic character toy by a fabulous artist, created off an actual person!

#18 - GLORIOUS LEADER by Contra Bandidos (#onTOYSREVIL) was really fun for a minute, and I had a glorious time making the resin figure point at everything!

Thanks for the Mini #BOMBEH, @alympu! #popconasia #popconasia2015 #popcon2015score #resintoy #toylife

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#17 BOMBEH by Alympu was a surprise gift and delight from my first meeting with the artist himself back in Popcon Asia, and he has really since grown on me! We're going to see more of this self-designed and self-made resin dude on the blog in 2016!

#InnerChild vs kaiju monster ... Let the battle for supremacy begin! #toylife

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#16 Inner Child by Nerviswr3k x SubUrbanVinyl (Toy Reviewed / #onTOYSREVIL) is utterly fun and my very first (and only) Nerviswr3k-piece of art! This figure has been standing beside my workdesk since reviewing, actually!

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#15 (Unpainted) Star Eater / SMD5 by Jeffrey Lamm x Unbox Industries (Toy Reviewed / #onTOYSREVIL) charmed me in it's unpainted "rarity", and all-around awesome toy-ness!

#playingwith #CatRider by @shonside #resintoy #toylife

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#14 - (BLACK) CatRider by SHON (#onTOYSREVIL) is an absolute joy to behold and hold! And as @xpandeduniverse IG'd: "That is what we call in the industry "super tight"! Nice" = INDEED!

Alas the resin kitty has since taken a devastating nose-dive off my table and is currently shattered beyond the saving graces of super-glue! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH - "Luckily" I had some pictures taken much earlier (still missing him like crazy tho like utterly, no joke), and we'll see them on the blog in 2016 … *a minute of silence for our fallen toy, please*

HUNG by Luke Chueh launches May 24th on #toylife

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#13 HUNG by Luke Chueh x Munky King (Toy Reviewed / #onTOYSREVIL) has a great message, possesses a fab aesthetic form since synonymous with Luke Chueh … alas I've since re-gifted my piece to my brother, who actually saw my review and asked for it in person, and I am not going to deny my brother :)

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#12 PACOTACO by Scott Tolleson x Pobber (#onTOYSREVIL) … because, taco.

Saturday is #EVADay here in TOYSREVIL HQ! #Evangelion #ReiAyanami #toylife #mygeeklife

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I suddenly had the notion to collect all-things EVANGELION in late-2015. It had been building up over time, and I have had a smattering of EVA-themed products, like BE@RBRICKS and even a 400% BB mech for some time now, but never truly in a "must collect" mode of consideration … until now!

Perhaps giving in to the desire for these PVC hobby statuettes was a catalyst, while seeing a dear friend's list triggered a latent toy-desire … regardless, I have been slowly amassing affordable collectibles, and re-displaying them AS A WHOLE in a dedicated shelf space, right in front of the current TOYSREVIL HQ workdesk!

I have (quite) a few more gashapons to add to this collection (now of course I need to go procure "steps" for display LOL), and in time I would love to be able to collect more EVA mech, including the BBs and Kubricks from earlier releases. I doubt if I could afford the more hardcore EVA mechs from Medicom, but that remains an aim I am not too rushed to fulfill … with "finances" being the biggest hurdle I need to cross, in due time, and in a long(er) mode of collecting options, I reckon :)

EVANGELION TOYS are on the 11th spot of my TOP TEN TOYS of 2015, and maybe one day, a single collectible might even make it's way to the list for 2016, and beyond?