TOYSREVIL Turns 11 #10yearsablog

The first TOYSREVIL-post was in February 19th, 2005, published "live" at 05:36AM (give or take a few minutes of hesitation and false starts :p) … and a decade later, after 33,846 published blogposts (an average of 8.5 posts per day for 11 years, excluding 60 days while I was in hospital for Stroke in 2010 … this would be the 33,847th :p), after over 20,360,000+ Pageviews, TOYSREVIL turns 11 years old today.

"waaaah, ah-boy ah, you so tall now ah?"

My friend Jerry had remarked that "turning 10" was like my own son who had grown up, and I agreed, and have since adopted that mode of thought, year ago now … and my, has the blog grown?
"Your child at 11 will be embarking on a period of physical growth at a faster rate than at any time in life except infancy. This will be accompanied by a series of major bodily and hormonal changes in preparation for puberty, as well as increasingly advanced cognitive skills and emotional maturity. Children may also be starting secondary school this year. It is a time of exciting transition but also of rapid and sometimes confusing change for both child and parents." (Text)

What has the TOYSREVIL-blog done for the "art toy" scene and culture?

What has the TOYSREVIL-blog done for YOU?

I cannot answer that/them, and it is not for me to answer … but I can only hope I've been able to add some toy-joy to your toy-loving lives … providing folks around the world with a little flavor from the East, perhaps? … shared/over-shared my geeklife and toy-addiction (and maybe started some for others) constantly … helped promote artists and brands, providing a platform in a lil'corner of the wwworld to shout-out from …

"No", I cannot and dare not assume to say what the blog has done for you … all I can share now in-lieu, is what the blog has/had done for ME.

And to that effect I had actually started a series of "TOYSREVIL Milestones" "pat-on-my-own-back" kinda-entries, which unfortunately I had been woefully fallen behind in bloggery! Can't even do my own P.R. … #iFAIL

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"10 years" is also the longest "job" I have at any given period of my adult life … so where's my bottle of champagne and bespoke gold watch, innit? I've waited for a whole year now! … Oh wait, I'M the "boss"… so it's time to #suckthumb, I suppose … Heh.

"Aren't You Tired of Toys?"

I realized what I had hoped to share for this particular post, was in fact written before in 2013, and seems the status quo remain largely unchanged, really … although I had attempted to challenge the notions on numerous occasions, the results are, well, not too obvious to the nekkid-reading eye, perhaps?

So in all honesty (not "modesty", fhanks :p), what I'd sincerely like to do here instead, is to thank you ALL for the love and support through these years! I am humbled and amazed as those who stuck with me and came along for the long ride, not as extreme as a roller-coaster, but nevertheless "bumpy", and hopefully enriching and satisfying?


As well, I would like to thank you all for letting me indulge in my toy-memories and 2-cents worth of opinions (I hope to one day make it with 5-cents, at least…), and for the some days tribulatous toylife on this blog.

Thank you all for your continued reading, and support.

Thank You.
Andy Heng

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Andrea Wilson said…
Congratulations, Andy! (I must say, I feel like a ToysREvil hipster, having been following your toy adventures since the ol' Men With Dolls days...)

Hope you keep having fun! --Andrea / an42
I am SO ever grateful and humbled, Andrea, thanks! Truly ... and i actually miss the MWD-days ... the days when thy hobby high was, well, "high" hahaha