Your #TopTenToys2015 #onTOYSREVIL

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I'd asked for YOUR "Top Ten Toys of 2015", and THESE were what you shared with us on the TOYSREVIL-blog!

Click on the links below to read the lists, and see if your favs appear!

I admit, I am "toy-greedy" … not only am I content to hoard my own small selection of toys for myself, it delights me to see other folks' collections, and as well be able to share them with everyone here on the blog! AND it'll be an extra bonus if I am able to know of new toys I'd not previously blogged or even know the existence of, that really enriches the hobby for me :)

It is one thing to gawk at studio-shot product images (I do that all day, thanks), but another to see how it interacts with (fellow) collectors, and what folks think of them, IMHO/

My utmost gratitude to the folks who took the time and trouble to answer the call, and the share! And for me personally, the education. I truly appreciate the support ~ *man-hug*.

Cheers, have yourselves a utterly wonderful year of toys ahead!

Hauke Scheer's action-figure action!
Wijaya Santoso's array of toy-tastes!
Rachel Pingel's spot of "ultra-violence"!
Bjorn Lim's selection of toyness!
Davidthekiller's art toy & 1/6th selection!
Toygodd's Top Twelve Picks!
Josh Coldiron's mixed bag of fun!
Winston Leong's art toy selection!