DIY bald8 Available For Free

WARNING: Adult Situations Simulated Ahead!

Korea-based creator/artist known as "bald8" shares images with us for his 6-inch tall character creation known as "DIY blad8" - which shows a dude sat down, with his trousers pulled down to his thighs, who essentially has his privates housed in box on his lap, perceivably rubbing one out with a girlie mag on his right hand! … or he could simply be trying to keep his hand warm in the box, and I am a naughty-minded perp here, innit? ~ *cough*

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The DIY figure is currently NOT FOR SALE, but is available FREE for folks! All you need to do is to customize it and post it on the Facebook page (and pay for shipping / see bottom of post), and all you need to do to get involved, is to leave a comment/message on said Facebook-page!
"Do you like it? Then take it! I will receive the price of the product if you make interesting thing and post on the this page. There are total 10 DIY bald8.

You can apply by the comment of this text and I receive the application by 31st. (If the number of applicants exceed 10, I will randomly draw and send to winners). People around the world can apply … I am expecting the 'custom blad8' you'll make. Thank you!"
- shared bald8.

And while the figure might be "free", you'd have to pay for the delivery / shipping fee, which might range from US$10 to US$30 depending on where you are, payable via Paypal.

WARNING: Adult Situations Simulated Ahead in Video!

DIY bald8 Available For Free! Check out "HOW" #onTOYSREVIL: #bald8 #koreantoy

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