Hand-Painted Grape Ape by Mark Nagata (Mount Kobo x One-Up) … and the coming of Kaiju Koi Fishy!

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And while the "Grape Ape Gorilla" hand-paints by Mark Nagata (using Monster Kolor paints) has since been Sold Out on www.maxtoyco.com, the only other way to score them is via OneUp store in Japan (who produced these figures, with the Ape is designed and sculpted by Mount Kobo)!

FYI: The 4.5 inches tall figure was priced at US$45 in maxtoyco.com, although currently unknown price-point via OneUp. Gotta lurve them metallic red monkey-butts tho! LOL

Next up? "Kaiju Koi Fishy"! Also a split sale with OneUp - stay tuned to Instagram @maxtoyco for updates!

A photo posted by mark nagata (@maxtoyco) on


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