New Limited Edition Plush & Resin Toys from Furry Feline Creatives

"We have been busy as bees working on a lot of new stuff which are happening one after the other or simultaneously. And these events are fast approaching, so rather having multiple emails we have consolidated in sending our work to you guys. We are releasing these products at various locations nationwide and these are now available for preorder on our website at" - shared Alvin Ong of Furry Feline Creatives.
Kokomo Momotaro Plush (for Arizona Matsuri Festival in Phoenix, AZ): "Kokomo is the name of our Momotaro or Peach-Boy. A popular hero of Japanese folklore. An old couple find a large peach in a river. When they cut it open, a child emerges. Comes in a peach drawstring bag, Kokomo the Peach-boy measures 7" and is made from soft fleece and polyfill." (Buy Here)
Deep Sh*t Pizza Plush Set (for C2E2 : Chicago, IL):"Always Warm & Steamy... Introducing the Deep Sh*t Pizza. Comes in a box with 5 slices of poop in various flavors that represents the truth behind its colors. Each Poop plush measures 5 inches.

Yellow = Cheese (greasy, foul smelling, malabsorption disorder)
Red = Pepperoni (could be a symptom of cancer)
Green = Veggie (food moving too quickly through the intestines)
Black = Anchovy (Bleeding internally due to ulcer or cancer)
Brown = Mushroom (You're normal)"
(Buy Here)
Chef Tako Gold Edition: "Standing 1.75 inches tall, this figure of Chef Tako is hand-painted and sculpted by artist Cheri Ong. Made with solid resin coated with gold, silver and bronze using acrylic paint and packaged in a very cute film canister." (Buy Here)
The Golden Turd Resin Figure AND Chef Tako Say Cheese Gold Edition Resin figure (for Wondercon @ Los Angeles, CA): "It has been foretold by our early ancestors that if you step or dream of poo, you can expect some good luck to come to you. So we created "The Golden Turd". Shaped into a toilet with a golden poo overflowing with abundance. This for sure will bring you good fortune in all undertakings. Measures 3.5 inches, handmade and hand-painted resin." (Buy Here)