So, Your Fav Spider-Man Suit Is …

And so YOUR fav Spider-Man costume has been voted to be the 2014 Version! Starring Andrew Garfield in his second "Amazing Spider-Man" film, and unfortunately his last…

Out of the 55 voters on my blog-poll + instagram + facebook + twitter - the majority of votes went to the 2014 Version (with 38%), while the latest 2016 version garnered 29%, coming in second fav.

Sam Raimi's 2002 and Marc Webb's 2012 versions had 5 votes each. 2006 had 3 votes, as well 3 voters opted for 2007's Venom symbiotic suit (that was not on the table). Similarly, one vote each went out to the "Miles Morales" version and the "Scarlet Spider" (both NOT on the table, again). Sadly, the 2004 Edition had ZERO votes at all!

"2014 not this power rangers knock off." ~ @idfanatic

"2014. The costume and the actor are spot on. They should just continue with the story. :(" ~ @valiantonov

"2014, 2014, 2014, not a fake alex ross wannabe" ~ @ramzimon

"I was partial to 2014 but 2016 is official marvel hahahah" ~ @charliecandraw

"2014 was pretty great, but 2016 can make expressions with the mask like in all the comics and cartoons so, hey maybe my opinion will change when I see it in action." ~ @andrewnirello

"2002 was iconic. But this 2016 one is quick to grow on me." -~ Francis Paolo Tiopianco on FB

"No more flying basketballs!!! 2016 all the way! It's just missing the web wings!!!" ~ @aopau1

"I always hated how shiny the webbing was in the Raimi films. Amazing Spider-Man 2's suit is pretty cool, but 2016 Civil War Spidey might end up winning out on me." ~ Steven Simmons on FB.

Thanks for playing, folks! Y'all ROCK!

Everyone has their own fav incarnation of the suit - all of whom live on in our memories and DVDs, while the future is as yet un-confirmed … and given the track record of "Spider-Man" films from Sony, and even Marvel Cinematic Films, costumes will see CONSTANT CHANGE from film to film, don't they? From "tweaks" to selling "different toys", just ask Iron Man and Captain America! Heck, there's even so much Spider-Man costumes to choose from too, innit?

But then again, not EVERYONE is jazzed about Spidey's appearance … (Heh).