1/6 Hobby in Hong Kong (2015) & Announcement of 1/6 Hobby Week 2016 #onTOYSREVIL

Featured here today is a very interesting program (aired on PEARL television channel in Hong Kong in 2015) which focused on the 1/6th production industry in Hong Kong, featuring a grip of brands such as Threezero, Enterbay, Hot Toys, and even Dragon Models (the brands are not mentioned nor listed outright, actually), as well as indie producers such as Winson Ma of Winson Classic Creations, and of course the toy collectors.

Sure, this is a perfunctory "introduction" to the hobby, and not necessarily "in-depth" for collectors, perhaps? But tis always a thrill to see documentaries and features on collectibles and the toy world in which we are a part of too LOL

The 1/6th-scale hobby as always fascinated me - in fact it was what got me started "toy-collecting" in the first place! - And they continue to do so, even now when I can scarcely (-to-unable-to) afford my fix, I eye them both in-store and online excitedly so still ~ LOL!

And while I am not in the thick of 1/6th as I used to be, I hope to be able to aim to resurrect "1/6 Hobby Week" feature here on the blog, with my last attempt in 2011 (which I still am proud of till today, I will not lie).

I do not have a specific target date set for this, but hope folks will read, and enjoy what they read, in time to come :)


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