Collect and Display Exclusives Part 2 for #ToyConUK 2016

Collect and Display shares with us Part Two of their exclusives destined for ToyConUK. As well a reminder for non-attendees hoping to have a chance and scoring leftover pieces online after the event, to subscribe to their newsletter here.

Meanwhile, scroll down for products to plan your expenditure on, come April 9th! (Find out what else to spend on in Part One) MUAHAHAHAHAHA


Above-left: 3” BabyTEQ ‘Campus Heartthrob’ by Quiccs - in an edition of 10 pieces at £40.00 each.
Above-right: 3.5” Star Man UAMOU (GID) – Edition of 10 pieces at £30.00 each.
Bottom-left: 3.5” Gummy Bear Hugo - A special run of 20 at £20.00 each.
"Blind Bagged Hugos in bright colours filled with glitter - Blue - 10 pieces / Purple - 8 pieces / Green - 2 pieces."
Bottom-right: 7” Pugrider (Cream Edition) from Wetworks x Yoii at £105.00 each.
"These are from a previously sold out release. Wetworks has given us the final five pieces to sell at ToyCon."
Below-left: 3.8” Warbrook (GID) by Wetworks - Edition of 10 at £50.00 each.

Stuart Harris presents his "Daughters of Ra" Custom Series! Each fantastic looking figure is priced at £120.00 Each. All made from 4" Trikky, Munny and Kracka parts, customised with polymer clay and painted with acrylics - you can peek MORE images since uploaded HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook! *AWESOME-STUFF!

- Mafdet, Cheetah, Goddess of justice, 5”
- Pakhet, Caracal, Protectoress of mothers and children, 6"
- Sekhmet, Lioness, Goddess of destruction, 5"