Eagle Force Returns with a new Kickstarter Trading Card set & modern 4” action figures from Fresh Monkey Fiction x Remco

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PRESS: "Do you remember the Eagle Force toy line from the early 80s? Not many folks do, but don't worry, Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco are teaming up to give this crack military team another fighting chance with the EAGLE FORCE RETURNS toy line later this summer. These modern 4" scale military action figures will bring back the sense of realism, action and fun that has been missing from toy shelves for the last few years. The toy line will see the return of Captain Eagle to the front lines as he reforms Eagle Force to confront the evil forces of R.I.O.T. (Roving International Organization of Tyranny) who’s quest for world domination threatens the globe. "

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Fresh Monkey Fiction kicks off the return of Eagle Force by launching a Kickstarter campaign for a set of Eagle Force Trading Cards.
"This is a great way for fans to get reacquainted with Eagle Force before the action figures kickstart later this summer. This set of 20 cards will explore some of the original characters and also provide some hints to what characters will be returning later this year. (The set includes) extra cards, metal cards and art by original Eagle Force designer Paul Kirchner."

You can follow the progress of EAGLE FORCE RETURNS at www.facebook.com/eagleforcereturns.