Minor Planet Lumeo 3 by KEEPSAD

Ben Sad AKA KEEPSAD sends word of his creation, named "Minor Planet Lumeo 3" - which he'd designed and sculpted.
"Minor planet Lumeo 3's concept was formed around the small planet formations that are in our solar system and with the image of the plant collecting various items in-bedded into it's body as it traveled around within the sculpt itself there is various gashes chips and textures that he has collected on himself in these travels not only them but a skull and a few rouge space eyes for good measure!" - shared Ben.

Standing 2" high, this figurine was cast by Tru Tek, and is currently available to purchase online at tomorrowsfreedom.bigcartel.com for £12 Blank and £15 painted, which Ben added;
"...both packaged with hand drawn header cards, with the painted versions they have 3 base layers of paint before dry brushing with chain-mail and copper over the texture and then highlighting the main parts of the figure."


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