My growing toy-collection versus lack of space

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Everyday I feel like a pre-schooler, whose toys are all packed in a single box, after "play-time" hahahahha

The struggle is real too! Without ample display space, tons of my toys and collectibles spend a whole chunk of time outside amidst the limbo that which is TOYSREVIL HQ! And without indoor air-conditioning, figures'll get the dust treatment pretty quickly too, here in humid Singapore, much less the tarnished metallic paint apps of some of my pricier pieces too!

It's either they remain housed and stored inside their carton-coffins, or risk exposure in the wilderness of SG's indoor humidity …

Anybody else have problems storing their toys in this humidity? -.-"

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Ever so often, my workdesk would be filled up with "miscellaneous toys" - and by that I meant "toys of any an all genres and/or brands" - either from photo-taking, or from my constant re-juggling of storage boxes surrounding my workdesk (the above pic came out of the box seen up top, to show what I meant :p), and inevitably there will be toys that gets ejected from boxes ... and they literally hang about my work area for some time, before getting new re-homes when I re-juggle spaces again ... I just simply have not enough place to store or display them all!

This is NOT "showing off" mind you, but just a simple frustrating situation that doesn't seem to change over the years ... my toy collection continues to grow (even as slowly as I can afford to hoard them...:p), but the "space" (or lack of) remains the same! LOL

… And no, "sending toys to you" will not work … but thanks for your offer :)

Happy Collecting, folks!


Teoh Yi Chie said…
That's the problem all collectors (or hoarders haahhahah) have to face, me included. I've art books piling up from the floor already.