Previews for Taylored Curiosities' Worry Beans Mini Custom Show @ #ToyConUK 2016 (April 9)

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Above-left: Custom by Mark Nagata @maxtoyco
Above-right: Custom by Lisa Rae Hansen @ibreaktoys
Bottom-left: Custom by Emi Slade @xemisladex
Bottom-right: Custom by @kiboochan
"In just 5 days you will find myself and Lisa Rae Hansen at booth #25 of ToyConUK (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London). The day is creeping up on us and I have organized a special, mini custom show for my half of the booth." - shared Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities ( /

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Above-left: Custom by Doktor A @doktor_a
Above-right: Custom by Evan Morgan @evanmorgan93
Bottom-left: Custom by Carisa Swenson @goblinfruitstudio
Bottom-right: Custom by Yosiell Lorenzo @yosiell
"Artists Mark Nagata, Carissa Swenson/Goblin Fruit Studios, Yosiell Lorenzo, Emi Slade, Dok A, Kiboochan, Hints and Spices and Evan Morgan are a few of the artists who have created custom bean sets for the show. Each has put their own style in to play and created some truly beautiful work.

Lisa has also created a ToyCon themed custom bean and there are other artists who are bringing their work to the show; Sergey Safonov, Run DMB and Okkle.

Each piece is uniquely creative and all of the sets will be available to purchase from our booth on the day (on a first come, first served basis). All items are individually priced by the artists.

I will be posting photos of the show and set up on the day and sharing on my instagram and twitter (@tayloredcurios)."