Ron English x Kidrobot Uncle Scam Now Available!


I've always enjoyed Ron English's subversive take on pop culture and none too subtle swipes at politics and (the ironic) blatant commercial injustice of Corporate Amerika, and the next release after Kidrobot Black's American Depress (from 2012) is UNCLE SCAM (Spelt "Scam", not "Skam" :p). AWEsomeness in a vinyl collectible, methinks! (even tho we are feeding the consumerism machine LOL)

KIDROBOT PRESS: "Uncle Scam is here just in time for Tax Day! Uncle Scam is a politicized take on the familiar American icon, Uncle Sam. Uncle Scam comes with removable accessories and packaged in a festively printed box.

Ron English is an American contemporary artist who explores brand imagery and advertising. He is known for his use of color and comic book collage.

Retailing for US$75, Uncle Scam is available on now! Kidrobot's exclusive Black and Gold Colorway is also available on today!"


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