Sergey Safonov @ #ToyConUK 2016 for

FUGI.ME PRESS: "We have some fantastic releases by Sergey Safonov for our ToyConUK booth this year. Sergey is coming over all the way from Russia, and will be on hand to sign any of his work you would like to purchase." - shared Daniel Perry (Jazzydan) for
All items listed to be release on April 9th @ ToyConUK, exclusively via the booth. Stay tuned to more information about the online release coming soon tho! Great news for non-attendees, as far as I'm concerned :)

(Above) Moon Patrol (@ £60 GBP apiece) is a collaboration piece with Robotic Industries. 5pcs will be available at the booth, while a further 10pcs will be made available for an online release.

Silence is golden. Booth 42 at @toyconuk

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(Above) End Of The Man - Mini Black Edition (@ £30 GBP apiece) is a painted and glazed porcelain mini Godot skull, with 5pcs for sale at the booth, and 5pcs set aside for an online release.


(Above) KISA KUKU @ £10 GBP apiece - with 12pcs being made available at booth #42, with an "assortment" available. And while we've previously seen "Kisa Kuku" on TOYSREVIL, I'd not known much about the product mentioned, until this picture;