"THE ART OF COOLRAIN" Available Now For International Purchases

Launched in the beginning of March in Korea, Coolrain Lee's "THE ART OF COOLRAIN" is currently available for online purchase here on Etsy, for International addresses!

Sized 21 x 26 x 2.6cm, and published by 9blocks, the tome totals 264 pages encapsulating 11-12 years' worth of work from coolrain, including "Break Time", "Astronaut", "mr.series", "Dunkeys", and of course his 12inch work (which started me loving his art), and a glimpse of what's coming soon! #NoLifeWithoutToy - Indeed!
WHAT: "The first artbook that includes all of the Coolrain’s figures for past 12 years, is published. Various collaborative works since 2004, with domestic and oversea artists and brands such as Nike, NBA, Converse, Reebok, RedBull BC-ONE, STRATOS, Dream team, Nike Brazil team and Vans are listed."

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Etsy listed a price of SGD$53.88, which approx coverts to US$40 (via xe.com), so do check accordingly. Price does not include shipping.

Also note that the artbook was released with four different covers (interiors remain the same). For online purchases via the link, your purchase will receive a randomly selected cover from A to D type.