#throwbackthursday: Signing Supergirl Posters at #STGCC2015

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Scheduled for two days of "Signing" the Supergirl poster at the 2015 STGCC. Featuring the illustration by Noval N. Hernawan, generously done to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the TOYSREVIL-blog, and I ended up pimping my friend Noval's artwork to folks instead (I totally suck at hustling for myself hahahaha). But I was not deluded to thick otherwise, and had more fun giving out free stickers to entice folks passing the table at Artist Alley! Until that one kid, the story of which couldd be read at the bottom of this post …

The Supergirl print is limited to only 30pcs and is currently available to PURCHASE ONLINE HERE at a new (lower) price!

Heng family support at my signing today in #STGCC2015 #STGCC #TOYSREVILatSTGCC

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Something had been gnawing on my mind since the second day of #STGCC …

It happened at the signing of the TOYSREVIL x Noval Hernawan #Supergirl poster, at Noval's Artist Alley booth … I had placed a box of "Free Stickers" on the table (in a vain attempt to entice folks :p), and complete strangers helped themselves to it - which was absolutely no problem … then came a young caucasian boy, who was maybe 8-10 years old (maybe?). He helped himself to the stickers and took only one. Such a considerate boy!

I had told him and his mum (I assume to be his "mum") that the Japanese text actually reads "TOYS ARE EVIL", and that that was the name of my blog … to which his mum said to him (to paraphrase): "You see? Toys are evil!!" … and the boy immediately retorted silently; "No they are not!" … and as he was being pulled away, he continued haltingly, turning to face me; "Toys Are … Good!" … The look of disgust and confused-anger on his face, as he disappeared into the crowd, will haunt me for a long time, I think …
My own LOVE FOR TOYS had been subverted!

And while I guess the lady had not meant for it to be that way, but I and my blog had indirectly hurt a child's feelings for toys, and that makes me extremely uncomfortable and sad ... :(