TOYSREVIL @ ROADKILL: Safe Passage (April 8)

Seen @ "ROADKILL: Safe Passage" group customs show exhibiting at FLABSLAB from April 8-20th, 2016. Featuring Twelvedot's "Roadkill" figure (produced by Pobber), as customized by select international artists.

Images were taken on opening day April 8th, with the event attended by Twelvedot and his wife Faye Kim (who had two customs on display - which we'll take a closer look on the blog soon), and as well one of the customizer from Korea was also in attendance, "Chui Pan" (whom I did not have the pleasure to meet). Exhibition closes tomorrow April 22nd, so you still have a chance to make your way to FLABSLAB in Commonweatlth, and catch Egg Fiasco's custom (see below / which could not make the show opening).

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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Individual images seen in the slideshow above has also since been uploaded HERE on FACEBOOK. Exceptional array of works, from as diverse a selection of artists - as curated by both Twelvedot and Jake Lee from Pobber - that needed to be seen in-person than I would hope to do with these images!

CLICK HERE or more information & coverage #onTOYSREVIL, while head on to for enquires into customs availability.