Victor Blattodea's Manual Over-ride by Mike Strick (for pre-order @ #ToyConUK)

UK-based artisan Mike Strick ( shares with us his latest piece,titled "Victor Blattodea's Manual Over-ride" … and what it is, is a glorious hark back to Adams Family's disembodied hand "Thing", shown to be driven by a speed-fiend!
"It's a fully assembled, hand-painted and weathered display piece. Hand-cast in thirteen individual resin parts. (Sized) 24cm long from tip of finger to rear edge of wheel x 12cm wide x 17cm tall at the tip of his scarf

It will be available for pre-order at ToyCon 2016 from the SUVB table at the Toy Chronicle stand (1-3) where a £20 deposit will secure you one at the special ToyCon price of £180 + p&p (balance payable before shipping)."
- shared Mike Strick.

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"These will be made to order on a first come, first served basis. I will get each one out to its new owner as fast as possible but they are time-consuming to produce and can't be rushed! I also released a character sketch and back-story to help explain where this slightly strange concept came from." - added Mike Strick
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(Cheers for the headsup, Mike!)