1. My first production toy. 2. Collaboration toys released featuring local and foreign artists. 3. My unrealized dream to draw comics. 4. My doodle I made into a sticker (printed by myself). 5. Anime DVDS I still buy even though my laptop player is no longer working, but hope to one day view somehow. 6. Colossal Titan I carry with me wherever I go (for photo taking) 7. Mum and the innocence of childhood ever lost. 8. Trip to India, and of my surprised wanderlust. 9. An indication of current times and status amongst the public. 10. Self-printed Postcard to promote the blog. 11. Myself on Trading Card (Tick A Bucket-list). 12. 80s Music where I constantly still dwell in. #moodboardme Show us YOU with no less than ten items and no more than 15 (o repeats/doubles of the same item, please). And remember to add hashtag "#moodboardme". This is not a contest nor giveaway. Just done for fun, and to share with the world "YOU" :)

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A week ago today, I shared the above image with my filmmaking class (where I lecture part-time these days) with the intention of the montaged images representing a person's own "life" (as it were), and how his/her likes (and dislikes) are a part of their lives that they want to showcase to folks not necessarily knowing them personally, both their past and present, using existing things/items they already own.

And while I'll not explain the exact function of this image to you folks reading here (in relation to my class), it as well served as a reminder of how my life currently is, and how intertwined with THIS blog (you are kindly reading, my humble THANK YOUS) interspersed with treasures of my past.

Think of it as a "snapshot" of "life" - and in this particular image above - I present to you; "MY LIFE". :)

Some images might be familiar with folks here, some totally alien. Each item represents a facet, a memory, a milestone, a frozen moment of my life I hold dear and what to remember, a "time capsule" with it's contents laid out, if you may!

The "challenge" I set off today (should you choose to accept it :p), is for YOU (dear readers) to show us YOUR life in a single image, using not less than 10 and not more than 15 items (no repeats of a single item), and hashtag it "#moodboardme".

Instagram it. Facebook it. Share with us YOU.

Cheers, and look forward to meeting you soon :)

P/S: This is not a contest nor giveaway. Just done in the spirit of sharing and fun!