The Reveal of ORION by Brandt Peters x Unbox Industries

UPDATED: Nov 18, 2016 - ORION will make it;s debut (in a limited quantity) at the 2016 Designer Con (Nov 19-20)! More info as I have them!

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Orion @unboxindustries X @brandtpeters #designercon2016

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Brandt Peters reveals an upcoming new figure named "ORION" - featuring his character design aesthetics, and a whole lot of AWE.SOME, as far as I am concerned!

Produced and manufactured by Unbox Industries, "Orion" is a part of his upcoming Halloween Yokai toy line, dropping Fall 2016. Brandt added on his Instagram; "It's been hard not saying anything while in development - It's been a true honor to work with Dan and the Unbox crew!"

This year's Halloween just got a whole lot more interesting now...!


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