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I'll be selling bits-n-bobs from my personal collection very soon (I've said that for many years actually), from loose / no-box figures, to duplicate gachas and bootlegos, to some proper boxed collectibles ... I just have got to figure out HOW to sell them!

If I had a shopfront or showcase, that'll be easypeasy... Or should I just snap-n-share on social networks (harder to manage tho), or post on a dedicated Facebook page, or blogshop it? Or a private mailing list? "Pop-Ups" would be fab, but SG doesn't play that game well, alas ...

Local/Singapore-based buyers paying CASH would be ideal, tho,. but overseas/international orders are always more than welcomed!

I've never enjoyed selling my collection (altho I used to enjoy "selling toys" :p), but I really need to thin the hoard, which at this point in my #toylife is really getting out of control hahahahaha



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