INU-HARIGON by Teresa Chiba - Pre-Order Begins July 4th


Teresa Chiba (designer for Kibunadon the Fish Kaiju) introduces a new character "folk toy" dubbed "Kaiju INU-HAROGON", with this adorable looking "holy dog kaiju" sofubi up for pre-orders from July 4th (@20:00 Japan time) via Facebook or via emailing "", with the following information;

Email Subject: “mail order:INU-HARIGON pre-order”
・postal code
・shipping address
・phone number
・quantities(max. 2 units per person)
・Paypal account address

(Further info via her blog (in Japanese text).

Scheduled for man October 2016 release, pre-order price is 3,500 yen (Approx US$35 / SGD$46 - excluding shipping) for this 10cm tall sofubi (made of 5 parts). Designed by Teresa Chiba, featuring sculpted by P.P.Pudding, the character design is very interesting, like an anime character come alive - he looks a real keeper, IMHO! Scroll down for more images, as well as a little story of it's genesis :)

Teresa will be heading to Taipei Toy Festival this October, as part of Touma Trooper Creative Order = more on these guys soon!

"Dog-Harigo, as its name suggests, (translates to) the local toys "犬張子" Monster. "犬張子" is modeled after the dog of the extensions in the dog toy, when the birth of light, to pray for a safe delivery and the growth of children and pray for her. Monster has transformed herself in (a) "hairdo dog" - who loves playing, and crazy about the ball. Favourite foods are "onigiri"

“INU-HARIKO" is the Kaiju of Japanese traditional folk toy."