INSTINCTOY has been showcasing tons of WIPs of their KING KORPSE figure collaboration with American artist James Groman (Instagram / Facebook / Blog) for some time now, and was most recently unveiled on public display at last Sunday’s Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter] - and they look ridiculously magnificent! Wish I could see them in-person tho … heck, I WANT TO OWN HIM!!!!!

The concept of a re-animated decaying corpse of “King Kong” is too awesome to resist! Coming in with restraints and chains, stay tuned for product availability details!

Meanwhile, scroll down for snaps and words :)

"During Wonder Festival, there will be two colors of King Korpse displayed in our booth. These are the options we are considering for the 1st edition production in this autumn.We have designed the model 1, the color wave that is amazingly realistic and is also suitable for mass production. The model 2 features the American comic style that expresses the worldview of James Groman. It would be great if visitors to Wonder Festival could let us know your impressions of the testing models, and then we will have discussions with James to decide on the 1st edition color wave.

There is one more sample. Upon comparison with model 1 and model 2, this POP colorful appears to be very cute!? This D.I.Y colorful sample 3 will be displayed at the show site too. This is a test model, so you can easily tell the part articulation points. Depending on customers’ comments, we might make it into a future product.

The liquid eroded heart of King Korpse is the symbol for this collaboration project. We made a few colors of hearts, which will be displayed at the show site.

KING KORPSE is a tribute piece motif designed by American artist JAMES GROMAN, King Kong aired in 1933, and was already out of copyright now. Would be interesting to make a skeleton woman is delusional."
- Hiroto Ohkubo.

A photo posted by James Groman (@jgroman60) on

A photo posted by James Groman (@jgroman60) on