#playingwith TIGER BOSS from Max Toy Co

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#playingwith the factory painted version of TIGER BOSS(designed by Javier Jiménez and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna sculpted for Max Toy Co)- seen in video clip above, "interacting" with his fellow "toy colleagues" in TOYSREVIL HQ!

What I ad neglected to show in the above video, is the additional articulation in the waist of the figure ... The paint app is pretty neat - save for a slight blemish at the teeth area, alas - but overall a fun piece to be had!

maxtoyco.com has since sold out of this 3.5" tall vinyl figure, so check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability otherwise. SRP was US$33 initially tho, FYI. Do stay connected to Instagram and Twitter @maxtoyco to make sure you don;t miss out on any further goodies!

I am having a BLAST with mine! (Thanks, Mark!) I personally find it more "fun" and rewarding a playtime when my character toys can have "stories" and personalities of their own, or in this case I am able to create for LOL