Even More Toy Guests for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2016!

And if you thought the last announcement of “Toy Guests” coming to the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) was exciting, get a load of the new names added to the list!

Welcoming back to Singapore - since his last appearance in 2012 - is MARTIN HSU, as hosted by PowerCore and FLABSLAB! And FLABSLAB completes the trinity of hot Japanese indie artists, with adding T9G and MAI NAGAMOTO to the previously announced SHOKO NAKAZAWA! (with thanks to Hornet.sg)

TAKUJI HONDA AKA T9G has been collaborating with Shoko Nakazawa AKA “Koraters” on a number of exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong (SxT), as well as his RANGERON (a mash up of Shoko’s Byron with his iconic Rangeas) sofubi toy - which I managed to snag my one and only piece so far, and of course the VAG Rangerons (Never could land a Byron tho *sob*). The above image (from @flabslab / reposted) gives you an idea of WHAT to expect! *GASP*

Mai Nakamoto has been prolific with her “Innocent and Core” collectibles, and some of them are currently available via Ozzo Collection in China Square Central (*nudge-nudge*). Time to get your collectibles sorted out for any artists signings/autographs, people!

With PowerCore setting up shop here for STGCC (Check out what they had for sale at San Diego ComicCon this year / pic below), expect more awesome collectibles (they produced Martin Hsu’s “Kindreds” - would be awesome to see a STGCC-Edition!), and the release of a limited print in STGCC2012 and an exclusive Dragon Boy collectible, I cannot wait to see what Martin and FLABSLAB has cooking up for this year’s event!

Martin Hsu on TOYSREVIL
Koraters on TOYSREVIL
Mai Nakamoto on TOYSREVIL