KAMIKAKUSHI “Walking With Spirits” @ Woot Bear Opens Aug 20th - featuring works from JP Neang & Candie Bolton

Opening August 20th at Woot Bear in San Francisco, is a two-person art exhibition, titled KAMIKAKUSHI “Walking With Spirits” - featuring a showcase of original sketches, paintings and custom figures from JP Neang & Candie Bolton.

Opening reception is 6pm-9pm on the 20th, while the show exhibits thru September 18th, 2016. Scroll down for previews from both artists, and click thru provided URL-links for more peeks!

JP NEANG Artist Bio: "An Artist & Creative Director, JP’s work has been showcased in various galleries in the US and globally. She continues to push the boundaries of drawings, landscapes devoid of color with images that evoke stillness and playfulness. She creates landscapes devoid of color accompanying imaginative characters that evoke feelings of longing. Her work is strongly influenced by "space", "pause" and “balance.”
JP’s passion in the creative world extends beyond her art. She has taught creative education (21st century thinking, creative engineering, & the arts) for several years working to inspire the world with her current project called “Imaginary Atlas”, an initiative to bring back the act of creating to children on a global platform." (jpneang.com / Instagram @jpneang)

[ Individual images on Facebook / Tumblr ]

CANDIE BOLTON Artist Bio: "From humble beginnings in a small town, Candie has managed to make a name for herself as a self taught artist and toy designer. In 2014 Candie began painting and designing toys and in that time has collaborated with countless toy producers including Lulubell Toys, Toy Art Gallery, and Max Toy Co. Today she is working as a full time artist while painting soft vinyl toys for Toy Art Gallery on the side. Her style is colorful, sparkly, heavily focused on line-work, and clearly inspired by her love for Japanese culture." (candiebolton.com / Instagram @candiebolton)

Above: Closer look at hand-painted Oh My Yokai: Night Parade
gacha figure / Below: Painted Inari & Inugami versions of
Fortune Foxes, sculpted by Candie and cast by @jay222toy.

Location: Woot Bear @ 1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117
Phone: (415) 487-9000
Email: Wootbear@wootbear.com
Instagram: @wootbearbelly
Website: http://wootbear.com/