#toyjournal: Afford To Collect

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As far as I am personally concerned, coarse products should be in all art toy collector’s collections, as their aesthetics is considered one of the more distinctive representations of the spirit of the culture, alongside “Urban Vinyl”, “Art Toy” et al. @jasonencryption on my Instagram said it best;
"They are at the top of the game, having something for everyone in all price ranges. Cutesy critters, to dark, creepy, serious pieces, to big money gallery pieces.”
I wish I could afford MORE coarse collectibles, but the plain simply unfortunate fact (for me) is - they are mostly out of my financial reach. Through this salad decade of bloggery I could only but lust over what I feature daily, but the toy-lust knowingly remain only within my web browser, and toy-loving heart … *pause for effect* … And while I do not lament their prices - as they are just and acceptable in the "collectible scheme" of things - it is my own personal financial ability that is left wanting.

Hence I am grateful for pieces such as these two shown here (2 of my 3 pieces from coarse in my humble little hoard of toy wonders! The third being a gift from years back :p), as they are able to cater to folks - like myself who might not have the means to own the larger pieces - but also available to a wider reach of fans (hopefully new fans to their work and the scene too), who perhaps might get their feet wet at the start, and later decide to jump into the pool for larger ticketed items! LOL

Just hope folks do not hoard these pieces, and jack up the prices, hence letting folks unable to afford collecting coarse toys in the first place, to not be able to afford them after all.

I’ve seen far too many of the “limited edition” Omens being “readily” made available (in larger quantity), but with elevated prices, to even contemplating purchasing them - hence fueling the notion of “secondary market” prices - to be able to collect them “regularly”, IMHO.

But then again, the scene is about listening to people who “buy”, don’t they? Folks who “want” them, are left wanting instead … (Good to have one's own blog to toy-talk about it tho hahahaha ... and I’ve been called a “poser” before, remember?) hahahaha

This is the (current) reality of the scene, and unavoidable, I reckon.

I’m sorry (#notsorry), but I buy “small”, and what I can afford :) … so selfishly speaking, I can only but wish coarse could continue to produce more “economically friendly” collectibles, thanks! hahahaha

Cheers and have a nice #toylife.