Get Your Multiple Coloways of SHIEK HAPPY CONE from WackyMons @ #STGCC2016

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We’ve seen the OG Yellow and Pink versions of WackyMons’ SHIEK HAPPY CONE ready for their debut at next weekend’s STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - now we have further information for you peeps, thanks to creator Shenly Yee!

Seen in the video above, there will be multiple colorways to be released at Booth AA53: Original (yellow orange), Strawberry, Yam, Corn & Blue Moon (limited & preorder). There will be another colorway, but that’ll be for Taipei Toy Festival :)

Each SHIEK will be priced at SGD$30 each, with the blue moon at SGD$35. Price includes a enamel badge & stickers. And to note, these hand-painted resin figures will NOT be sold “blind boxed”, and you can choose your fav color available!

Go forth and enjoy a Shiek Happy Cone, people! Tell her TOYSREVIL sent’ya!


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