INSTINCTOY for #STGCC2016 - "Halloween Inc 2016" + “Vincent 10th Aurora Glitter” + “ZOMBIE GYAWO” + “ZOMBIE MUCKEY”

- HALLOWEEN inc 2016 "THE CUSTOM” will be priced at SGD$130 (9,500円).
- Vincent 10th color “Aurora Glitter” will be priced at SGD$400 (29,000円).
- GYAWO 2nd color “ZOMBIE” will be priced at SGD$150 per (11,000円).
- Muckey 13th color “ZOMBIE” will be priced at SGD$130 (9,500円).

INSTINCTOY has announced a trio pre-releases (thus far) for their coming tenure at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - with “HALLOWEEN INC 2016”, “VINCENT 10th COLOR - AURORA GLITTER”, “ZOMBIE GYAWO” and “ZOMBIE MUCKEY”! Now that’s a whole lot of TEETH!

ALL of these are original creations and designs by Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY, with no doubt more reveals to come, so stay tuned to Twitter @INSTINCTOY, his Instagram @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo and Facebook :)

Every year Instinctoy will release a Halloween Inc, with this year’s version slightly “different” from the previous releases, especially in the use of Muckey hands/arms - which frankly suddenly made it more appealing to me LOL … I’ll let it’s creator Hiroto Ohkubo “speak” for itself …

Do note that this version is limited to 50pcs worldwide, with “some units” to be made available at STGCC via Booth AA73 & AA75 in Artist Alley! No price mentioned, for either items at this time.

"Since 2012, we have had limited seasonal editions being released every October for Halloween, but this year we have made slight changes to the concept of this character, so we can say that this is a special edition for the HALLOWEEN inc series.

Usually this series comes with an LED light plate and controller, and gunny bags with leather serial number tags. In addition, they may have replaceable heads and an extra Bat Liquid in the package. These are the ways in which we have made it a high quality product in the past. This year, we have a brand-new concept for the figure, which is to pay more attention to the design of the figure itself. We have added some interesting changes to the design, such as changing the hands to Muckey's hands, and applying flocking to the red luminous body to show red scars.

I have to say this original figure incorporates many other works of mine, so it is a very special edition. I made this figure in just the way I wished. This edition is so different that we can say it is a special edition."

With a scheduled early-2017 worldwide release, INSTINCTOY will be making available VINCENT 10th Color - “AURORA GLITTER - at STGCC, in limited quantities. This is different from the previously announced “Pastel Pearl Rainbow” Edition of “Vincent VS. LIQUID”! Hiroto added;
”…This figure is an exceedingly beautiful piece. The aurora glitter powder is very expensive, and made in Japan. We have made extravagant use of it all over this figure.”

The third pre-release announced is “ZOMBIE GYAWO”! The first GYAWO released was designed to be “cute”, but now GYAWO has turned into a ZOMBIE! Limited to only 75 units (which is the same as ZOMBIE CURIO), the scheduled official release is in October this year, but “some units” will be made available at STGCC!
"In this story, he has been one of the walking dead for a long time, so the scarf has been faded by exposure to the sun, and the design is zombie-themed. The design of GYAWO was originally based on his being a cute bear, but it came as a surprise that the design is also suitable for the zombie theme. The effect is accentuated by changes to his expression, to bring out the effect of the theme."

After the mini Muckey, CURIO and GYAWO, the next INSTINCTOY-creation to be transformed into a zombie is "ZOMBIE MUCKEY”! Limited to 75 units, the official release date has not yet been set for this creature, with it’s first release starting in STGCC! Hiroto added;
"The "virus" is getting more and more virulent in this series, and we have added a savage design element for Muckey. Actually the story behind it is that ZOMBIE MUCKEY made the big scars on the Halloween inc's chest."