#NYCCDTADunnyShow - Clutter + Kidrobot announces the NYCC DTA DUNNY Show 2016


Clutter and Kidrobot announces the NYCC DTA DUNNY Show - celebrating both the launch of the 5" blank Dunny platform, and the 6th Annual Designer Toy Awards. This is the 3rd installment of the annual show, with a mixture of 5” and 8” Dunnys to be on display during New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) at booth #603.

Participating artists include: 64 colors • Ally Burke • Amanda Louise Spayd • Camilla D'Errico • Chris Ryniak • Dave Markart • Eimi Takano • Fiona Ng • Gary Ham • ibreaktoys • JeAA • The Bots • Jon-Paul Kaiser • Josh Mayhem • Kristina Drake • Lauren YS • Mike Strick • MJ Hsu • Mr. Mitote • Otto Bjornik • Patrick Wong • Quiccs • rxSEVEN • Sabrina Elliott • Scarecrow Oven • Scott Wilkowski • Seriously Silly K x Scott Tolleson • Tasha Zimich • Tokyo Jesus • Tomodachi Island • wetworks • Yu maeda & Zard Apuya.

Some WIPs are previewed below in this post, images linked directly to the original artists (hashtag #NYCCDTADunnyShow).

Time to paint! #kidrobot #dunny #cluttermagazine #nycc2016

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Note that the custom pieces will be first available on the floor of NYCC, then online at shop.cluttermagazine.com. All proceeds will be donated by Kidrobot to Clutter/DTA to fund the annual awards ceremony.