DTA Exclusive Black Incognito 5" Dunny by twelveDot for #NYCC2016

Well, this certainly is a “surprise”, but frankly it shouldn’t have been, and is a well welcomed slice of toy news indeed! Kidrobot and the Designer Toy Awards have teamed up to release this special colorway of twelveDot's INCOGNITO 5" Dunny!

Last seen as the ”Regular” Edition, this GID Edition is limited to 150 pieces and priced at US$34.99 a piece, these will be made available at Clutter Magazine's Booth #603 at New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9)! Any remaining pieces will be available after NYCC at shop.cluttermagazine.com.

Incognito Twelvedot 5inch dunny
PRESS: "This Dunny was created in celebration of twelveDot as the winner of the Break-through Artist in the 2015 Designer Toy Awards! Sponsored by Kidrobot, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Designer Toy Awards. Disguised as an APO FROG, this little bug has adapted to blend in even at night. With a black bug base and glowing green froggy accessories, this 5" Dunny is prepared to fool all of mother nature."
incognito dunny twelvedot