Genesis4 for #TTF2016 - Featuring Skullman, SHON, Ruinswork, Fanny Kao & Daniel Yu!

skull13 TTF2016

Here’s a quick gawk at what the various member of GENESIS4 have in store for their tenures at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10) - and note that NOT all of them are under the same booth!

*Note: At the time of this blogpost, I’ve not seen any indication of what BanaNaViruS will bring to TTF, but I’d advise you folks to check out his Facebook for any updates).

Seen up top-right is 13ART/Skullman’s CAVEMAN that will debut at TTF in extremely limited numbers! A departure from his regular more “aggressive” skulls, this lil’dude would look utterly fab next to his EGG IMP, methinks! Stay updated via his Instagram @skullman!


SHON will be offering ups a slew of CAT RIDER colorways for fans, as well as custom pieces in his by-now-iconic blue/pink metallics, as well a series of customs for Fanny Kao’s ROMEO and Daniel Yu’s LUNAR CREEP too! SHON will be boothing at A54. Stay updated via his Instagram @shonside!


We’ve hardly ever had Ruinswork represented on this blog (my bad), but he’ll be bringing a series of 1/6th figures to TTF, including “USAHI - FOR IGGY” and *Dream Traveller “Cupsule” collabo with T.O.PENG. Stay updated via his Instagram @ruinswork!


Fanny Kao will be offering up new ROMEOS and ACORNS, where she’ll be booth alongside Daniel at Booth A98. Stay update on her works via her Instagram @fufufanny.kao!

Daniel Yu TTF2016

Daniel Yu will be bringing along a new colorway of LUNAR BEAST & CLERIC, a series of JIANGSHI ACOLYTE vinyls painted by Goto-san of Japan (*gasp*), LUNA CREEP customised by SHON, and a new colorway of the OCTO EXPLORER collaboration with Cacooca (viewable at Booth A88)! Stay updated via his Instagram @thedanielyu!


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