inami toys’ Halloween Tumble Top Releases Oct 27th

Kevin Nam / inami toys sends word of the impending release of his HALLOWEEN TUMBLE TOP Release! Dropping October 27th at 9 PM EST online via is a limited edition run size of 40pcs (30 Orange/Green/Purple and 10 Marbled Chase Variants), each priced at US$12 per blindbagged pull.

Scroll down for another pic of the resin pieces, and the product write-up!

PRESS: "The second wave of Tumble Tops are here in time for Halloween! These are the newest addition to the Rock-Paper-Scissor line of spin tops from Kevin Nam. How it works is you spin the top and once it stops whichever hand is raised is its move. You can play by yourself or if you have two a friend can play with you. There are three different designs based on a Miner, a Ninja, and a Pirate. They are individually blindbagged with an assortment of colors and if you're lucky you might get one of the rare marbled variants!"


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