PAINT LIFE from Daniel Zana Premieres Oct 8th + Q&A w/ Woes, Ritzy p & J*RYU from #armyofsnipers

ABOUT: "Paint Life follows the Army of Snipers artist collective as they travel to Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. While in Thailand, the artists work with Burmese refugee children on a series of art projects intended to help them imagine a life beyond the small town of Mae Sot, where many of the children currently live near a trash dump due to a lack of proper housing possibilities. Over the course of their trip, we follow how the artists are affected and how it changes their outlook on their lives."

The world premiere of the "Paint Life" documentary by filmmaker Daniel Zana will debut at the Highland Park Independent Film Festival on October 8th, 2016 in Los Angeles. Presented by Qoola, the screening of the 1 hour 5 minutes feature will be followed by a Q&A featuring Daniel, Aaron “Woebots” Martin, Ritzy Periwinkle and Jesse “J*RYU” Yu.

Stay connected via the films’ Events and Facebook Page. And have a peek into the Little Lotus Project, where this project started with, and evolved from.

I remember 5 years ago, when I first hooked up Army of Snipers with FLABSLAB for their “one-night only” show in Singapore, I had gotten to witness the “inside realities” of the scene that unfolded before my eyes since. Having been in front of the computer alone most times years before, it had been a somewhat unexpected culture-shock, and no doubt a reality check come “life”-education, for me personally.

But what was most memorable, was being able to share their visit with my late-Dad.

He (and my Mum) might have helped me in the past with my shenanigans with setting up booths at toycons before, but this was the first time I had brought him along to meet friends and see the “scene” I had dwelled in (cyber-ly, perhaps haha), and will always be grateful for the warmth the crew from Army of Sniper had shown him then.

Thank you, Aaron, Ritzy, Jess, Sandra and Daniel - you guys are gold. :)