Toy-Talking About THE GIGANTIC CRAB KAIJU with Jubi Yang

Making it’s display debut at the recent Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10), is Taiwan designer Jubi Yang’s THE GIGANTIC CRAB KAIJU - under the Unbox Industries’ banner, and I was intrigued to see another crustacean-themed character enter the toy game (re: MASTER THE GIANT CLAWS by Mame Moyashi). This looks to be one intensely “angered” character too, IMHO! haha

Scroll down for more images of the figure seen at TTF - including exclusive peeks - and as well words from Jubi himself, as I’d asked him for a lil’Q&A about getting to know his latest creation!

Gigantic Crab Kaiju Drwg
Gigantic Crab Kaiju Render

TOYSREVIL: Why the choice of ”The Gigantic Crab Kaiju”?
JUBI YANG: I like crustaceans, they look like warriors, strong and cool.

Before this, I designed beetle warrior, but unfortunately, it was not be mass- produced. Sorry to say, I prefer new things than old ones. So I designed this new figure: “The Gigantic Crab Kaiju”.

(Above: Drawing/Illustrations VS Colored Samples)

TOYSREVIL: It’s quite different from your earlier releases (Gakki Bushi, Greedy King etc), and your style. Was this deliberate? Or just natural evolution?
JUBI YANG: In the beginning when I start to design this crab figure, I still tried to make it in (a) cute style which I preferred and used to. But it was hard for me to find good idea to design cute crab figures, then I changed my mind and tried Kaiju style. It really surprised me that UNBOX likes my design, and we started to cooperate to proceed the mass production of The Gigantic Crab Kaiju.
Gigantic Crab Kaiju TTF2016 Color 1
(Color Sample On Display at TTF2016!)
Gigantic Crab Kaiju TTF2016 Color 2
Gigantic Crab Kaiju TTF2016 Color 3

TOYSREVIL: By your imagination, what exactly is ”The Gigantic Crab Kaiju”? Is it Godzilla sized? Taller than a building? Or huge seafood crab found in restaurants?
JUBI YANG: Actually he is a small and short guy, really differs from other Kaiju. But when he opens his claws, that will definitely be a horrible situation more than your imagination. The normal crab could pinch off men’s fingers, and the Gigantic Crab Kaiju might pinch off a skyscraper. But I think he may not able to defeat Godzilla.
Gigantic Crab Kaiju TTF2016 Flesh
(Above shown is a sample, colorway not for release)

TOYSREVIL: What plans are for the figure? The full-green figure was on display at TTF, and is the “Flesh” coloured edition to be on sale soon? Maybe one day I could afford to do a “Singapore Chilli Crab Lava Edition” for TOYSREVIL too hahaha
JUBI YANG: "Sorry for the delay of production schedule due to me being so anal (:p). I apologize for the inconvenience caused by delay.

At this moment, we have started to accept order in Taiwan, and for the overseas order, it may be available on UNBOX ONLINE after being official released. “The Gigantic Crab Kaiju” will be a very interesting design, please kindly wait for it."
Gigantic Crab Kaiju Flesh

My thanks to Jubi for the answers and effort!!!

Unbox Industries has begun to tease this item on their Instagram, so I’d recommend you folks to stay tuned to @unboxindustries for further updates! :)

Stay connected to Jubi via his / Instagram @jubiyang /!

(Additional images via @webster.chu / Used with kind permission, thanks!!!)